Triangle Lax-2018 Season
These videos are a weekly highlight series that is completed during the Spring lacrosse season. The videos are rendered out as MP4s, as well as, gifs for use across social media. The videos had to be created in such a way to allow for quick interchangeability of several layers, such as name, stats, record, logo, and even background colors. In order to achieve this, a bit of pre-planning had to be considered before the projects were created in After Effects.

The main source of inspiration for this look stemmed from a college football project Troika worked on several years ago: Troika College Football Video.

Key Take-aways

The value of the sourceRectAtTime expression in After Effects, used in the right way, cannot be underestimated. This expression in After Effects allows me to easily change the player statistics without manually resizing the box or even change its position relative to its call-out line.

If you're using cutouts from Photoshop in After Effects, just go ahead and pull in the PSD file. It allows you to quickly if needed go back to Photoshop, make changes, save it, and then it's updated in AE.

Playoff videos coming soon...
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