Imaginovation 2017 Corporate Video
I got the opportunity to edit and animate the 2017 corporate video for Imaginovation. I want to use this project recap as a way to detail some of the things we did for the video, as well as some of the issues I solved during execution.
The Concept
The primary idea behind this corporate video was to highlight several of the projects Imaginovation has worked on throughout the year, as well as, some new avenues they're looking to explore in the very near future.

The main items I was provided with were the assets for the apps and websites the company has created. The majority of this information was stored at, which the company uses to make prototypes to show their clients. So in addition to creating this video, I also learned how to navigate this website and obtain all of the necessary information I needed for the project.

The one thing we also decided very early on was I would need to use two different templates in order to highlight the mobile apps and websites. I'm actually quite comfortable creating all of this material from scratch, however, this route was chosen in order to save time and money. I did modify and adjust the templates as needed due to being incredibly comfortable within After Effects. I'm a big proponent that it's always about determining the best solution for your client.
Inspiration and Research
Since I knew I would be creating a few opening and ending animations, along with some ways to put text on screen with footage, I immediately hopped into pinterest to begin collecting reference material and inspiration.

Problems Solved During Editing
I want to use this section as an opportunity to address some of the quirky issues I encountered while editing this video, and how I went about solving them. To be honest, more often than not, editing and animation comes down to how well you can solve problems.
1. Fit a 29.97 frame After Effects Composition in a 30 frames Premiere Timeline

Since we decided we would be using After Effects templates for this project, all of the necessary compositions were dynamically linked from After Effects to Premiere Pro. The primary reason this was done during editing is because it allowed for flexibility in changing the edit throughout the project without constantly needing to render a new version. Very early on, however, I noticed (primarily since the templates involved 3D objects that were tracked and rotating) the images were not sticking to the 3D object perfectly. The images were actually slightly rotated.

The reason for the problem is due to to the comp being at 29.97 in After Effects, while the Premiere timeline was at 30 frames. In order to solve this problem during the final render of the video all related compositions were exported directly from After Effects and placed in the Premiere timeline. Problem solved!
2. Be Wary of Working Back and Forth from One Hard Drive to Another

My goal during this project was to have the ability to work both on my desktop, as well as, my laptop as needed. I initially began the project on my desktop's F drive. I very early on decided, however, let me put this on my portable hard drive in order to have the ability to work on whichever device I choose. This is where things got sticky.

Since I originally began the project on my F drive, it was not until I overwrote only a AE files luckily, that I realized that even though my main Premiere Project and several After Effects compositions were located on my portable J drive, several of my AE files were still being referenced back to my F drive. During a copy and paste session I had accidentally overwritten some of these files. It didn't take much time at all luckily to rebuild them.

There's one solution I'll give to this problem if you decide after you've already begun editing, and you've already begun using dynamic link with AE that you want to change hard drives. You should make all of the respective dynamically linked AE files offline, and then relink them to their new location on the hard drive you're using.
Unused Animation
This was just one version of an intro animation that we didn't get to use that I'd thought I'd share.
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